Classic hutton pond tench

Classic hutton pond tench

Sunday, 28 February 2016

A short session on the tees,a lady of the stream one of two a caught and a new species to my list.

Monday, 20 October 2014

My current  river Tees chub PB 4lb 8oz one of several chub I've netted this season so far 2014.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My first tees double a new PB weighing 11 lbs,and put up one amazing fight and one of my targets i was aiming for this one made me smile.
My second tees barbel of the season weighing 7 lb 8oz  June 2014
This was my first tees barbel I caught weighting in at 9 lb on June 2014.

A short introduction about myself.

Hi all  I'm Stevie I'm a keen coarse angler which I've been doing from a young age,my first fishing experience was when I was about 8yrs old when my father took me to our  local venue Locke park where I caught my first fish a perch .my fishing influence comes from my father as he was involved a lot in the match scene during the 70s while he was serving in the forces,so I think I was hooked from there.i've been fishing on and off for many years now and tried my hand at others styles, but over the last 6yrs I've been fishing still waters such as days ticket venues and club waters, I recently been targeting the rivers such as the Swales and the tees as I have a great passion for the great outdoors and scenic surroundings, I'm a member from my local club which have some amazing waters to fish  and I've had some great results from there hitting targets and personal bests I've set myself.i still feel that I'm still learning and building my angling knowledge and hope to keeping on angling for many years to come,I hope everyone enjoys my fishing adventures and tight lines to all my fellow anglers.